Having a job: You'll die without achieving your dreams

Having a job: You'll die without achieving your dreams

How do you like the title? 

Bit sinister and gloomy, eh? Good. Because that's what'll probably happen to you if you don't get rid of the "employment mindset". 

Firstly, let me put up a small disclaimer: No, employment isn't the worst thing in the world and it's much needed, I have been employed a few times too and it's a perfect opportunity to replenish your financial reserves by receiving a small, regular paycheck. Easy, safe money.

With that being said, working for somebody else is a sure way to:

  • burn out
  • hate yourself
  • not achieve your true potential
  • not earn money you are worth
  • get ripped off every month
  • have your dreams destroyed
  • die without achieving anything of value apart from maybe starting a family

I can already hear many people screaming at me right now "OH MY GOD PEPSO TELL THAT TO POOR PEOPLE THAT HAVING A JOB SUCKS" and if you're one of them, this post isn't for you.

This post is for people who hate their jobs, who feel they aren't quite happy as they should be, who hate their coworkers, who feel that are destined to create awesome things, who actually want to DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL.

Majority of people just work all their life and then they die. Sounds like a fun life you want to live?

Now, I'm not telling you to run to your boss and smack a dirty plate with leftovers from the microwave over his head while shouting "FUCK YOU BOB, I'M LEAVING" and dancing away (even if I might have done something like that in one point of my life - it was McDonald's, the tray was solid metal and Bob's head was the floor, but the words and the dance moves were the same). What I'm telling you is:


There won't be a better time than present. Never.

While being employed, you have almost no control of money you'll get. You have no say in what people you'll spend most of your day with. You are completely powerless to prevent being fired because your boss doesn't like you or the management decides it's time to trim your ranks. I fucking hated this feeling of being unable to influence my destiny.

I can hear many of you saying now "BUT PEPSO, HAVING A JOB IS RISK-FREE" and I'll say to you that it's complete bullshit. In every company, everybody is replaceable. When compared to running my own business - where I know how I'm doing and whether I'll be able to earn enough money or not - you are totally at mercy of many many different factors and might come back home jobless, just like that, without a word of warning beforehand.

As you can clearly see, I'm an advocate of entrepreneurship, but this world is not for everyone, I admit that. It just might be that you are not fit to be an entrepreneur. Maybe you are OK with being in a "risk-free" zone with a small paycheck. That's fine, not everybody is destined to change lives or achieving his / her true potential. Might just be that THAT's the life you love to have. 

But everybody else who's reading this, please don't forget - you are a human. You are part of a race that was able to walk on the Moon, to build the Seven Wonders, to harness electricity. Why wouldn't you be able to do much much more than sit on your ass each day and answer customer complaints? There's no reason! 

What if you fail? What about it? I've failed so many times I lost count. And the only thing that happened as a result is that I now know how NOT to fail in many areas others have no clue they even exist. 

If you always wanted to do something, to create something, to sell something - don't rely on your job to hand your dreams fulfilled to you. Rely on your job to destroy them. Start preparing right now. You can make the first step today. 

If you really want to.

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