Best and Worst Overwatch Heroes: October 20th

Best and Worst Overwatch Heroes: October 20th

This ranking is based on what pro gamers pick. They always pick the most optimal heroes, which means they pick heroes that are currently the best.

There are many factors affecting these choices such as a pickrate of their counters, maps that are being played in tournaments, patch changes, balance changes, buffs, nerfs and so on. 

This doesn't mean you can't play heroes that are being currently labeled "worst", but you're going to put yourself in a disadvantage, making it more likely for you to lose.

Graph by CaptainPlanet

BEST HEROES, core members

LĂșcio, Ana, Zarya

Lucio + Ana is the go-to composition for majority of the top teams, even if Asian teams like to swap Lucio for Zenyatta.

Many people have been wondering when Ana's going to get nerfed by a nerfbat again - since her usage rate hasn't dropped, but rose - but they seem to be forgetting about Lucio. He is still number 1 healer used and for a good reason. Speed boost is OP + his healing doesn't need to be targeted.

That's why Soldier 76 is sad and not used - his not bursty damage just gets healed by Lucio not even paying attention.

Ana is probably even more OP than she was before. I have said it a month ago, but people laughed at me, so who's laughing now? Ha. The Beyblade strategy - Nanoboosted Reaper ulting with Zarya bubble is simply a teamwipe.

You can't go wrong with Zarya, nothing has changed. She is still a very good tank / damage / support mashup who can correct teammates' positioning mistakes and get stronger from it. And if she bubbles that Nanoboosted Reaper, every hope of stunning his Q are lost.


Reinhardt, Reaper

There is a saying "A team without Reinhardt can win, but a team with Reinhardt can steamroll." If you're not playing Reinhardt, you're not shielding damage, you cannot block enemy Earthshatter and you don't have 1 of 2 really good Nanoboost targets.

Reaper? After all this what I already wrote it should be clear as crystal. Without Reaper you don't have the Beyblade, without Beyblade you don't have the teamwipe.

Reaper has always been one of the most balanced and liked heroes - now with Ana he's gotten absurdly powerful.

Graph by CaptainPlanet

BALANCED HEROES, the swappers

Winston, McCree, Mei, Roadhog, Tracer, Genji

Winston is still a star of King of the Hill maps and squishy killing. Combine him with Zarya and you have a very annoying powerhouse that has no problems killing your backline completely or harassing them until they can't perform. He also blocks healing from a far away Ana with his shield.

McCree is and will be a popular DPS choice, particularly in Ranked play where Pharahs are prevalent. Combine him with Zenyatta and watch the kills unfold! Him being Nanoboosted and getting High Noon charger 2 times that fast isn't half bad either.

Mei is being picked more and more both on attack and defense. Her freezes and walls are many times the only way how to defend against a Nanoboosted target while sporting extremely high survivability and utility. Her ult also charges very fast and is a perfect point clearer.

Roadhog isn't scared of Zenyatta anymore, but the prevalence of Reaper makes him not so OP as he can be in this meta. 

Genji fell down from the teamwiper he once was and now is being played mostly by Korean teams only.

WORST HEROES, almost not picked

Everybody else

Small exceptions are Pharah, Mercy, Hanzo and Zenyatta, who are being picked by some players on some portions of maps quite successfully, but not really being utilized.

Others are not being used AT ALL, with Torbjorn being at the bottom of the pit.

This doesn't mean you should flame your teammates for picking non-meta heroes, but Torbjorn for example really doesn't work right now in ranked higher than 2300 - people can just shoot the turret, get ultimate charge, get Zarya charge, everything for free.

If you're interested in reading more about concrete matches or an interview with TviQ, click here for the Captain Planet's meta report.

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