People I've helped had this to say about me.

Here are some of my most favorite people with some of my most favorite sentences ever written about my persona. 


Michael "Arecsne" Danieli

"I am a teenager from South Africa. Yes, South African playing Overwatch on a EU server - we don’t have SA servers. I was an avid World of Warcraft player and mained Restoration druid to Rival (top 10% on the PvP rating ladder). I had no FPS experience when Overwatch came out and I played at like 46ish rating - Hanzo main.

Then, one day in ranked, I met Pepso. He was VERY helpful and led us all to win the game. After that, I added him and we became friends. Over time we played together, he gave me advice, GREAT advice and I went from about 46 to 56 just through his tips and mentoring.

He helped me also with things like communication, which I even used in real life with my friends! He helped me learn how not to rage at petty things that happen in the game and he also - and this helped me greatly in real life - taught me how to not take what others say to heart. For example, if someone says “ gg ez u suck “, he helped me how to not care, and taught me a really funny way to handle all those trolls!

Now this last point that I mentioned helped me much in real life because personally, the group of people who are in my school are basically internet trolls but IRL. Meaning they are immature, rude and arrogant, and thanks here to Pepso, I’m not affected by their comments or their insults anymore, which honestly boosts my morale exponentially.

And so, after I have been with him for about 2 months basically every day, I have gotten much more confident. Also, since I have experienced his mentorship, I had gone from a terrible Overwatch Hanzo main to being in the top 5% of Hanzos AND Reinhardts in the world according to Overbuff. So in conclusion, Pepso has not only made me a much, MUCH better player, but he has also really helped me change my real life quite a bit."


"The first time I met Pepso I was playing only for the loot and for fun. But after I started playing with him, he completely changed my opinion on the game - made me competitive, wanting to improve myself and he inspired me to learn different aspects of the game, such as abilities of characters I didn't play and also other characters themselves.

When I was still bad at Overwatch I used to play only Reaper. Pepso helped me realize that if I wanted to become one of the best, I had to play other characters that required higher skill ceiling - such as Genji. Now I'm a Genji main and I'm working my way up to the top. With his advice I also got better at gaming in general and at different aspects of it - such as leadership, how not to rage and tactics.

From what I see, Pepso loves to help people. He likes to help people improve and he calls them out on their shit - when I do something wrong - and how I (they) can fix it. It was a major help when he actively watched what I was doing wrong and helped me fix my issues. Without him I would never be as good of a player as I am now.

When I first played ranked I was not really hyped to get home to play it, but when when Pepso started playing with me, it made me want to get home and play. It made me excited to play and have fun with all my other friends. And honestly, it made me more positive generally, in real life too."

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Bastien "Drown" Jaton

"I remember meeting Pepso when playing a competitive match during the first season. Since the beggining of the match, Pepso started talking about the strategies he wanted to use for the game. He hadn't picked any hero yet and was actively suggested a team composition. We did as he told us, he took the last hero needed - to show that he is here to play as a « team » and not alone with his « best hero ». All match long, he was encouraging us and, even if we sometimes failed, he kept telling us how to do better next time. Pepso has a great sense of leadership, in a good way. When we win our matches, I think it's thanks to him - our leader and coach.

After the first game, I added him and we've continued playing many games together. Even if we lose, Pepso is always looking for the way to do better next time and actively strives to improve us. He taught me a lot about the different techniques, how to play some different heroes and especially : how to play as a team. Thanks to him, I've climbed from 40 ranks to almost 60 and I'm having much more fun in the game than ever. I enjoy playing with Pepso on OW, I'm always having a good time with him !"